Pavilion House Design Spanish Style in Venlo Like Mountains

Aug 12th
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Pavilion House Design – A unique design to architecture by diseño Pulgon. This is the Pavilion at Floriade 2012 Spain in Venlo, Netherlands. Spain Pavilion which uses a brighter color and design As appears to the mountains. According to architect: the criteria of construction emerges from the conceptual approach has resulted in the slogan “natural diversity”, which highlights the importance of organic products, the diversity and richness of nature. Similarly, the idea of Cradle to Cradle will also be present in the exhibition, and spaces that are designed to be offending cycle and continuity as added value and importance, in the modern concept of sustainability and the use of natural resources.

This year Spain Pavilion building confers to the exhibition space through the continuity of attitudes that unifies the entire surface of the official. This building appears literally off the ground, little was appointed to host the interior space for exhibitions. From a formal perspective, it refers to something like natural topographies and plant growth to be an argument for unification based on the idea of continuity in the meeting room on the outside, and connect them to the inside of the exhibition, though always related visual closure of Awakening through permeable nature.

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Spain Pavilion with some material, serving as both a support and as a coating and paving, has different uses: wood from fruit boxes, boards and wood works building, the demolition beams, sleep. Others came from the rest of the agricultural products such as nut shells or stem from the forest on fire. In this way, C2C remains unchanged, in terms of conceptuality and formality. waow, I think this is a fantastic design.

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