Prepare to Paint Blue Metal Roof

Sep 5th
Wonderful Blue Metal Roof
Wonderful Blue Metal Roof

Blue metal roof – Metal roofs are poor candidates for paint adhesion and reject new finishes unless they get the right treatment before application. Unfortunately most amateur painter not knows how you prepare the external metal surfaces for new coating. Before the paint will stick to the metal roof, it requires a base coat of acid-based self-etching primer. If your roof is beset with rust, will require an additional layer rust-important primer. Hiring the proper preparation strategy or your new painted surface will ultimately chip or peel.

Use an extension ladder to reach the blue metal roof. Scrape off particles of rust from metal with a wire brush. Skip this step if the roof is free of rust. Clean the roof, with a pressure washer. The roof to dry for a day. Pour 2 gallons of galvanized metal self-etching primer in a 5-gallon bucket. Shoot a shed-free cover of a roller frame and screw on an extension pole. Scale extension ladder and bucket of primer on the roof.

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Coat the blue metal roof with metal self-etching primer, using roles. Start at the left and scroll vertically, moving backwards towards your ladder. Using a 4-inch nylon brush to apply primer to the areas that proved inaccessible to your roles. Wash your painting tools with water. Wait four hours for self-etching primer to cure.

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