Relaxed Posture Sit Up Pillow

Aug 17th
Sit Up Pillow
Sit Up Pillow

Sit up pillow – Is there any more comfortable and healthy? We should “remember” the innate ability of the body to adopt a natural and relaxed posture. Instead, we have bad postural habits and body tensions that prevent us from sitting down. Therefore, we must take care of the back.

Have the column aligned: The goal, whether you’re use sit up pillow or lying on the couch, is to have the column aligned in neutral. A neutral column is the one that respects the natural curvatures of the back (in the cervical and lumbar zone slightly inwards and in the dorsal area outwards). When the column is well aligned the body loads are better distributed and there are less stresses.

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Protecting the lumbar area: The areas that hold the most tension when sitting on a sit up pillow are the lumbar region and the cervical region. To protect the first, it is best to sit on the ischemia (the two bones of the pelvis), make sure that the lower back touches the back and support the feet on the floor (the feet should not hang or knees Press the seat edge). If there is too much space in the lumbar recess, place a cushion on which to relax the area.

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