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Jul 9th
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Drink fountains for parties cannot be in the path of travel and must be included in an alcove or rails on both sides to ensure that the drinking fountain is not a trip hazard for those with impaired vision. The drinking fountains must have both a high and low height drinking fountain with the low drinking fountain having a spout height not higher than 36 inches from the finished floor.


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All drink fountains for parties should have controls in the front or side. The controls must be operated with one hand. They should be activated with a force of no more than 5 pounds per foot and will not require any tight gripping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. This means the controls should be either a button or a lever type of control that does not require much force to use.

All drink fountains for parties must have a knee-space clearance from the bottom of the ramp to the finished floor for at least 27 inches in height, 30 inches wide and 17 to 19 inches in depth. A 30-by-48-inch clear floor space is required to allow access to meet the drinking fountain when used. At least nine inches of clearance is required at the bottom of the drinking fountain apron to the finished floor to allow a wheelchair to comfortably roll under.

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