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Right Decoration and Chairs for Farmhouse Dining Room Table

The idea of farm life conjures an array of images: quiet country roads, an old barn, tall grass and baled hay. Perhaps cows and chickens come to mind or a Border collie running though rolling fields. These images often create an intense feeling of home, and that feeling can be recreated at the farmhouse dining room table.

Farmhouse Dining Room Tables And Chairs

Decorating Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Americana Movement – Farmhouse decoration lends itself well to the Americana style, centered around things important to the American citizen and representing a culture of simpler times. Americana décor usually includes traditional farmhouse elements, thus the farmhouse kitchen is an Americana kitchen. Traditional Americana colors are red, white and blue.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Right Decoration and Chairs for Farmhouse Dining Room Table

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Fabrics – Make use of white knitted lace, red-and-white gingham or farm print fabric for tablecloths. The tablecloth creates a cohesive design with the table’s centerpiece. Choose place mats that coordinate well with the tablecloth fabric. The decorator doesn’t have to choose place mats in the same pattern or texture as the tablecloth. Don’t be afraid to pair white lace with the gingham or gingham with farm print. Just make sure that all the colors are coordinating. Another important piece of fabric used for a farmhouse-styled table is a doily. Hand-knitted doilies often come in a variety of colors. The intricate detail work of the doily can be a true work of art. They can be found at most antique stores, and at department stores.

Flower Vases – Milk glass flower vases, bowls and compote dishes are typical flower containers for a farmhouse table. However, typical is not always better. The creative decorator could choose a small butter churn filled with sunflowers or chrysanthemums instead of a milk glass vase. Milk pails, flower pots, watering cans and old coffee tins would also make intriguing choices to hold flowers.

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Dishes – The farmhouse dining room table is an excellent place to use novelty dishes and salt and pepper shakers. Select plates that incorporate a farm animal into their design. Roosters make an exceptional addition to the farmhouse kitchen. They can be found in many dish patterns, as well on salt and pepper shakers. Frankoma dishes are also welcome additions to the farmhouse table. Frankoma pottery is handmade in Oklahoma and offers dishes in a plethora of colors. These dishes fulfill the requirement of introducing American culture to the table as well as embracing the farm life.

Good Chairs for Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Spindle-back Chair – Spindle-back chairs have two vertical posts with five small vertical wooden rods spaced between them. The spindles are held together with two horizontal slats, one at the top and one at the bottom. Wheat-back Chair – Wheat-back chairs are similar to the spindle back, but the spindles appear pulled together in the middle to achieve the look of a sheath of wheat.

Ladder-back Chair – Ladder-back chairs have a tall back made up of three or more horizontal slats secured between two vertical post. Bench Chairs – Bench chairs are long and are made to accommodate two or more people. There may or may not be a back on a farm table bench chair.

Seat Bottoms – Seat bottoms are made of rush, wooden slats or solid wood. Each chair can be finished in black paint, white paint, milk wash, clear polyurethane or left natural. The black and white paint can be distressed. Farmhouse dining room table is rustic and country décor items that can accommodate a variety of chair types. You might even wish to mix different chair types around one table.

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