Selecting The Best House Window Designs

Jul 10th
Contemporary House Window Designs

Whether you are building or remodeling, you have plenty of options in house window designs. Depending on your ventilation needs, the style of your home and architectural preferences, there are window styles that will suit your home. For any of them, you can choose double- or triple-paned windows and a reflective coating, but what you choose is not just about lowering your bills or saving your furniture, it reflects your taste and your home’s design.

Styles of House Window Designs

Single or Double-Hung Windows – These windows slide open vertically. On a single-hung window, usually only the bottom sash, which is the framework of the glass panes, opens upward, while the top sash is fixed in place. On a double-hung window, both sashes slide, giving you the option of opening the window from the top or bottom. Double-hung windows are the most popular type of window, according to HGTV. Depending on the make, the sash can be removed, rotated, or tilted for cleaning.

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Sliding Windows – Sliding windows are the horizontal version of single and double-hung windows. One sash is fixed while the other slides horizontally in a single-sliding window, while both sashes can be moved in double-sliding windows.

Casement Windows – Casement windows have hinges at the sides and usually open outward. Though some variations can be pushed open, casement windows are opened by cranking a handle. This type of window opens fully for ventilation and easy cleaning.

Awning and Hopper Windows – Awning windows have hinges on the top and open outward at the bottom by turning a handle. By opening from the bottom, the window protects any rain from getting inside. Hopper windows have hinges at the bottom and open outward at the top. These are often used for extra ventilation above a door or window, where the opening is shielded by the eaves of the house.

Louvered Windows – Louvered windows, also called jalousie windows, have multiple glass slats attached to the frame by metal clips. The glass slats can open and close in unison when you turn the handle. These are good for ventilation, but don’t seal closed very well and are energy inefficient as well as not very secure, according to the California Energy Commission website.

Bay and Bow Windows – Both of these types project out from the wall of your home, with the middle window panel parallel to the wall. Bay windows have three windows, with the middle window flanked by windows attached at an angle toward the wall of the house. Bow windows have more than three sections, creating a more curved look. The center windows are usually permanently fixed, while the side sashes are casement windows.

Choosing the right type of house window designs is an important whether you are building a new house or remodeling an old one. You need to not only look at the style, but the functionally as well. Fortunately, there are enough types of house widows to meet anyone’s needs.

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