Silver Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Sep 3rd
Best Silver White Bedroom Ideas

Silver as a bedroom decorating color can be very versatile and showcase the real look for silver bedroom ideas. From a romantic, Victorian look to a sleek and modern style, silver can work in many different decorating themes. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can make silver either a primary decorating color, or you can save it for accent pieces.

Designing Silver Bedroom Ideas

Silver and Gray – If you want to use silver as one of the main decorating colors in your bedroom but you are concerned about an overload of metallic coloring, supplement your silver with gray. For example, choose a gray paint for the walls, and then use the silver in the window treatments. The gray mirrors the silver and functions as an extension of the silver theme.

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Contemporary Brushed Steel and Silver – If you are going for a more modern, sleek appearance, pair silver with white, black, natural or stained wood. These color selections alone are not enough to achieve a modern appearance. Incorporate clean lines and geometric shapes and solids, as opposed to patterns. Silver’s similarly colored cousin, brushed steel, and makes a good choice for hardware, such as door knobs and drawer pulls.

Bedding – Select a bed ensemble in cream or white to create a strong focal point for the room and as a way to accent the room with a pop of light color. Choosing opulent bedding, such as comforters with elaborate trims and fabrics, makes the entire decorating scheme appear calming and luxurious at the same time. Add texture to the bedding by mixing and matching silver accent pillows and throws to the finished bed to visually connect the walls and the bed area to give the space a cohesive appearance.

Lighting – Adding several layers of lighting is important in a room with dark walls as it gives the room a warm, cozy appearance instead of a dark, dreary feel. Include crystal-based table lamps on either side of the bed for an element of sparkle to the room. Place a silver-tone base floor lamp next to an armchair to create a small reading nook, and incorporate artwork lights over any important piece of wall paintings to highlight the piece. Hanging a spectacular, crystal chandelier over the bed creates drama and further amplifies the bed as the focal area of the gray bedroom decor.

Silver Accents – If you only plan on using silver as a secondary color, place pops of it in your accents and decorative pieces. Use silver-colored frames and hang mirrors, a silvery surface, on the walls. Employ silver cording and tassels to tie back your window treatments. Try bright silver throw pillows and silver figurines. If you want larger doses of silver, place chairs or a chaise upholstered in a silver fabric in the room, or use a silver bedspread.

Creating a silver bedroom decor gives the entire decorating scheme a soothing appearance. In addition, by punctuating the decor with silver accents and accessories, the room instantly has an elegant flair for silver bedroom ideas with optimal restful properties.


Most the cushioned household home furnishings inside this space comes with a white tufted lavish design in their mind. The mattress has silver and white bed having a neutral-colored fake fur throw blouse. The padded seats from the window have been filled and possess a extra white pillow onto the chair. That clearly was really just a silver facet dining table between your 2 seats using a glass shirt. However, the ceiling can be an easy white lighting fixture coated in cloth.

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