Slate Grey Floor Kitchen Decorating Tips

Jul 18th
Traditional Kitchen with Grey Floor Kitchen
Traditional Kitchen with Grey Floor Kitchen

Flooring is an important part of a building, because in it we’ll put some stuff. Therefore we cannot simply ignore the functionality floor, including the floor of our kitchen. The kitchen is a work zone that should be maintained comfort, that’s why the floor is one thing to note. The kitchen floor can also be an attraction for the kitchen. There are lots of choices for kitchen flooring, either by color, size or type of material. What about the grey floor kitchen? Is it an attractive option? You need to read through on it to find out.

Although it is not a favorite color, but grey is a pretty good color to decorate the floor of your home, especially the kitchen. There are many options for the type of grey floor kitchen, such as wood flooring, tile, or stone floors. This time we will specify how the gray stone floor can make your kitchen look more attractive and beautiful.

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Grey Floor Kitchen: Slate Floor Decoration

One of the most famous grey stone flooring is the grey slate flooring. The floor is a popular choice because it creates cold texture on the foot that causes comfort for those who set foot on it. To get beautiful kitchen perfection, grey stone flooring must be combined with a variety of other colors.

Mixing your grey slate floors with cool tones will produce a calm and relaxing room. For example, green accents fit well into an eco-friendly design that uses other natural stone materials. To put cool tones in your grey slate floor kitchen is not only by giving it cool tones wall, you can also put concrete countertops, reclaimed wood furniture and scrap hand-woven rugs. Using blue is another way to add more cool tones to the space such as in a painting of the ocean, comfortable throw pillows or sophisticated striped window treatments.

Grey slate floors will be a nice room when they combined with warm tones. For example, for a shabby chic, Parisian or English garden-themed room, bring in pale pinks and yellows to offset the darkness of the floors. If you love modern feel, you may bring bold accents of red or orange to contrast against the slate. Use analogous colors (three colors that are side-by-side on a color wheel) to mix in a cool tone as well. For example, use red, purple and blue to make a royal statement in the room.

To reach a room with contemporary feel, you can create a monochromatic look using various greys to contrast the flooring. You are not just limited to playing with black and white to get different depths of hues either. “Chromatic Greys” are made from a mixture of other colors besides black and white. For example, playing around with purple greys and green greys will bring out different tints in your flooring as well as furniture and decor choices. Accenting this monochromatic look with chrome and silver, such as in light fixtures, will add sparkle to the room.

Known as “Achromatic, “a combination of black, white and grey creates a mysterious feel to the room. Almost like living in a black and white film, or an old photo, choose bold color accents will make the whole picture pop. For example, placing a black wrought iron table on the floor of slate gray, with a plain black vase holding a bouquet of red roses create a focal point that is simple and elegant. Adding a touch of red in other areas, such as curtains or cushions, creating even more drama.

Since the color grey is known as a neutral, one that grounds other hues around it, finding a color combination for decorating with grey slate floors is not difficult. Grey floor kitchen in slate fits into virtually every design style as well, from traditional to modern.

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