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Sliding Doors Design Fit in Every Room

When most people think of sliding doors design they probably picture them in bedrooms, but with a little imagination there is no reason why they can’t be used as interior doors throughout the home. Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, living rooms, lofts, on landings, even within garages, let your creative design ideas flow. Here are a few of sliding door design ideas to get you started.

Sliding Doors Design Photos

In fact, wherever there is an alcove or corner that could be converted into a design feature or useful storage space, sliding doors offer an ideal design and storage solution.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Sliding Doors Design Fit in Every Room

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Gallery of Sliding Doors Design

The creation of a larder cupboard in the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. Using a sliding door arrangement is an ideal solution to maximize space whilst minimizing the amount of access area required. With a one finger swish, open your full height larder door for easy access to all those bottles, tins and jars that are hidden behind a stylish door design.

Sliding doors design can be used in the kitchen environment but you will need to take into consideration the materials that are used to construct the doors. We would recommend an aluminum framed door as opposed to steel. Aluminum retains its condition despite repeated floor mopping, splashes, drips and spills. The kitchen shown here features a bespoke sliding door design incorporating beige and black glass with a specially sourced MFC wood effect panel.

If you have a large landing area that isn’t being fully utilized why not think about adding sliding doors? ‘Hey presto’ you have created valuable storage space. The landing shown here has been converted into useful storage for coats, shoes and anything else that needs to be hidden away. Because this installation was in a household with a young family they chose to use matte white wood for the panels rather than glass with a 2 door, 3 panel equal split door design (Milano Collection) in a silver aluminum frame. Equally you could add a color panel door design which can add visual impact at the top of the stairs in what may be typically an otherwise neutral toned part of the house.

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Even garages lend themselves to having sliding door storage areas within them. Sliding doors can easily be opened without the prospect of adding a scratch or dent ‘design feature’ on your car door or bumper. At the same time they will hide away all your tools, golf clubs and clutter.

As with kitchens we recommend the use of aluminum frames as the air in most garages will hold moisture content and be subject to extremes of temperature, which can cause condensation. The solution shown features a 2 door, 3 panel equal split design along the side wall with matte white and matte black wood panels. If the side wall is not suitable then simply consider creating your storage design across the full width at the back of the garage.

If you like the idea of a bath in your bedroom but don’t want to go quite as far as the complete bed/bath open plan room design then a sliding room divider provides a stylish choice of open plan or privacy according to your mood. Sliding doors used as room dividers are shown here between the bath and bedroom. In any bathroom environment, due to condensation and the chance of water splashes we recommend that you use an aluminum frame. This sliding room divider uses a single runner which is set into the floor; the top track has been built into a bespoke pelmet. The door design is from our Verona Collection and features orange and beige glass panels.

Used in the right space sliding doors can create a stunning focal point in a living room. They can be used to hide away everyday clutter but also offer great storage options for books or CD collections and also TVs, music systems or gaming consoles. The striking design shown here is from Modena collection (3 panel narrow band) and features black glass top and bottom with a narrow pink band in the middle, all within a silver steel frame. The vibrant colors add drama to the otherwise predominantly white scheme.

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Sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for use in loft conversions to convert those awkward areas such as under eaves into usable storage space. The 3 door matte white design shown here is from Como Collection and uses silver steel frames.

As an architectural device, sliding doors design has been around for a long time. Archaeologists have found evidence of sliding doors in the ruins of Pompeii dating back to before the first century AD. These types of door remain popular with contemporary architects and homeowners because of their space saving functionality and stylish appeal.

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