Small Deck Decorating Ideas

Sep 16th
Deck Small Spaces Decorating Ideas
Deck Small Spaces Decorating Ideas

While small decks may seem to offer limited decor possibilities, there are many things you can do to make your deck appealing and beautiful. You should always make full use of your space, even a deck can be tailored to perfection. There are many ways of small deck decorating ideas, increasing its usefulness and aesthetic appeal.

Essential Things of Small Deck Decorating Ideas

Flowers and Plants – If your deck is too small for a table or grill, you can go the natural route. By utilizing your deck to showcase nature (plants, flowers, pottery) you can create a great focus-point for outsiders and people within your home. Choose some tall potted plants and prop them against the sides of your deck. Line the deck’s floor with smaller flowerpots and plants. Choose a theme if you’d like, including only flowers of one kind, plants of one kind or pottery that invokes a certain culture or aesthetic. You may want to purchase Mexican or Southwestern pottery, for example, for flowers and plants.

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Deck Seating – If your deck is too small for large seating but big enough for one chair, you can make this look work. Purchase a small chair. There are many small chairs available in stores or on websites such as Patio Furniture USA. Also purchase a small table (wrought iron or cast aluminum works well) and prop it against the chair. In this setting, less is more. Your deck becomes a comfortable space for you to relax in.

Bench and Carpet – For decks with limited space, you can easily purchase a small bench. According to HGTV’s website, using a small carpet and a bench can create a relaxing space and a nice touch for a small deck. Instead of a chair, which can be awkward and hard to fit, a bench provides a nice place for people to sit. If the deck is large enough, place two small benches, one on each side. Place a small carpet between the two benches. Embellish the calmness of the deck with small potted plants

Steps of Small Deck Decorating Ideas

Place the outdoor rug on the deck. Situate your focal point and position your furniture comfortably around it.

Accessorize with colorful outdoor pillows and cushions. Use a coordinating garden umbrella, if needed, for shade.

Add plants. Remember, space is limited, so start with two or three tall, slender green plants planted in decorative pots or urns. Group flowering plants around the green ones utilizing plant stands and pots of varying heights.

Think vertical for your small space. Train vines on trellises or suspend hanging baskets from overhead structures or roof soffits.

Utilize lights for effect. Outdoor lighting is available in pole lights, table lamps and hanging twinkling lights. Any of these will add coziness and ambiance.

Step back and evaluate. Don’t be afraid to adjust the placement of a few things even if you have to do this a few times. You will know when you get it right.

However, with careful planning, a few well-chosen pieces of furniture, plants and accessories, you can transform your ho-hum deck into a beautiful outdoor retreat. Think about those small deck decorating ideas, develop a plan, follow through and enjoy.

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