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Choose The Best Way For Furnishing Small Spaces

September 9, 2020 Other Design

Small Hall Design Ideas

Designing and decorating a small hallway often becomes an afterthought long but, the fact is, the smallest update has a dramatic impact in the hallway. Disguise design flaws and create the illusion of volume or draw attention to the interesting architectural features, the use of paints, finishes, art, lighting and accessories are the basic principles of small hall design ideas.

Design Ideas for Small Hall

Design Ideas for Small Hall

Basic Principles of Small Hall Design Ideas

Paint and Finishes – Update your hallway with a new color scheme. For a two-tone effect, paint long walls a lighter hue and short walls a darker color, which makes narrow space feel more open. Add volume by painting the ceiling a crisp, blue-based white and extending it down the two long walls. If you use a semi-gloss finish, it will reflect light through the hallway. Cool hues such as steely blue, periwinkle, turquoise, stone gray, lavender and blue-based fuchsia make walls appear to recede. Some people abandon the idea of expanding the space and opt to paint hallways a bright, cheerful hue or a cool neutral that can serve as a backdrop for art. Wallpaper, wallpaper murals or wall decals give hallway walls graphic pop.

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Architectural Elements – Design your hallway with fanciful architectural elements that lend the space sculptural style. Apply wainscoting, chair rails or a narrow art ledge to create visual interest. The relatively small square footage of a hallway makes these updates affordable and simple. For more dramatic design updates, install skylights or solar tubes to fill a hallway with natural light. A wider hallway has classical style when you line it with columns or pillars and end with an arch.

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Accessories – Functional and beautiful accessories give your hallway decor personal style. Begin with ambient lighting provided by a sparkling glass chandelier, a series of sleek pendant lights, recessed lighting, track lighting, table lamps on small end tables, wall sconces or small, gallery-style spotlights pointing to the walls. Paintings, drawings, prints, collages and posters in bolder colors or large-scale compositions work well in the relatively dim light of a hallway. Stack framed and unframed artwork Paris salon-style vertically on the wall or, for a more streamlined look, line a thematically grouped collection of art in matching mattes and frames at eye level. Hang mirrors to reflect light and make walls appear to recede.

Hallways are usually small and narrow; many people do not believe that there is much room for creativity in small hall design ideas. However, because the hallway is typically first part of the home that guests see, it is important to create a warm, inviting space that sets the tone for the rest of the design elements in the house. When designing your hallway, keep several basic tips in mind and you will create a visually appealing and functional space.

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