Small House Plans for Do It Yourself

Aug 26th
Small House Plan
Small House Plan

When you design small house plans, you can select or design a plan resembling a cottage house. These types of houses look good in lake or mountain areas or in modest neighborhoods. Build the home well to ensure the resale value stays high. As you outgrow the house, you can sell it to another young family or a retired couple.

Consideration Things to Create Small House Plans for Do It Yourself

Consider Architecture – A small house can look upscale and live large, if you design all aspects carefully. Roof design determines a lot about the architectural desirability of a house. For example, you can build a small house with multiple roof angles. You can turn ceilings into vaulted ceilings while the home is under construction. Small homes will have more visual interest when you combine exterior sidings, too. Using brick, stacked stone and masonry can be done within a limited budget. Just use high-end materials, such as brick and stone, in a few strategic places.

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Windows Are Important – A small house will seem larger if you utilize large windows. Incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows in certain areas. Or, a wall of windows from shoulder height to ceiling can give a room a panoramic view of mountains or sky. Just make sure to include well-placed windows throughout the house in case of fire. Sliding glass doors, French doors and walls of glass brick help brighten up a small house.

Use Outdoor Areas – There are ways to use outdoor space to make a house seem bigger. For example, you can build a 14-by-18 living room with a sliding door next to a patio. If you build a cover for the patio, you can expand living space in warm weather to the patio. If your kitchen is small, build a covered porch outside for outdoor cooking and dining. Install a set of French doors to look out on the patio.

Insulate Well – In some cases, you might wish to insulate interior walls of a small house. For example, if you have a day sleeper, you can insulate the bedroom walls that adjoin other rooms. The ceiling areas of a small house in vaulted areas need good insulation as well. Maintaining a small house should cost less in energy bills, but you don’t want to lose savings by failing to insulate well.

Bedrooms and Baths – Any small home should have at least two bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths. Try to place these areas in hallways, so sleeping and living will be separated. Also, build bathroom doors so they don’t open directly into living space.

Landscaping and Design – If you build a wide sidewalk leading up to the front of a small house, this adds a stronger feeling to the home’s architecture. Plant trees and shrubs to define the yard area, making it look bigger. Plant large trees at the home’s yard perimeter versus up close to the house. Large trees spaced away from a home’s walls will give the property a stately feeling.

Small homes, with fewer than 2,000 square feet of living space, are intended to be simple to build. These homes often are simple in terms of floor plans and ornamentation, yet they can have a lot character and feel much larger if well planned. Small house plans include two-story, ranch, cottage and even vacation homes (among many others).

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