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Small Office Interior Design

Working from home is an advantage for those who can. This does, however, require a functional and organized home office with all the amenities you would find in a business office. Creating a workspace that promotes productivity is achieved by considering a few small office interior design ideas including lighting, paint and décor. Most of all, design a space that will meet your business and office needs.

Small Office Interior Design Inspiration

Tips for Small Office Interior Design

Create a Workspace – Remember the purpose of an office is to get work done, so creating a space to accomplish tasks is essential. Provide adequate desk space for computer equipment, office supplies and frequently referenced materials. Set up an area close to the desk with supplies, books, references and storage. Remember to consider cables, drawers and trays when arranging your workspace. Think about how often you’ll access these items, if they are visually unappealing to office visitors or if they could pose a safety hazard.

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Lighting – The lighting you choose can set the tone of an office. Supplying an office with ample lighting provides a productive, comfortable working environment and decreases the chances of health concerns. Dim lighting can lead to strained eyes, poor vision and headaches. Use overhead lights or natural lighting from a window. Consider using a desk lamp or credenza lighting based on the type of desk. Try positioning lights to the left or right to avoid glares on the workspace.

Paint – Choose a paint color that reflects your purpose and industry. Remember home offices should exude professionalism. Consider bright colors or patterns for a designer or decorator’s office. Lawyers or business professionals might choose more traditional colors. Remember blues and greens provide a feeling of tranquility and calm, while warmer colors like browns and reds offer rejuvenation during the day. Select paint colors that coordinate with the other parts of your house. Matching the other areas of your house will give the entire place a cohesive feeling and look.

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Office Décor – Create an office that is organized and free of clutter. Eliminate extra items that create distractions or make the space look busy. Consider one or two framed photographs or other special mementos, such as a signed baseball to sit on the desk. Hang college degrees, awards or other forms of recognition on the wall. Consider selecting a nice piece of art to match the tone of the room. Consider a piece from your favorite artist or a place you may have traveled to on vacation. Design a spot on the wall for a memo board or cork board. These allow you to jot quick notes and keep items close at hand. Interior designers are used to working with small spaces. If you’re trying to design your office but are working with limited space, you can employ several tactics to make the most of the small office interior design you have to work with.

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