Story of Insulated Coffee Mugs

Sep 20th
Popular Insulated Coffee Mugs
Popular Insulated Coffee Mugs

Insulated coffee mugs – Contemporary society’s love affair with coffee has introduced all sorts of coffee-related accessories, from the ubiquitous plastic cup lid with the small hole that would sip coffee to the insulated coffee cup made from a space-age material or construction to keep the coffee hotter longer. The story of the insulated coffee mug depends on the kind of mug in question, but the most common are vacuum flask or thermos style.

As the use of thermos bottles has increased, so have the options for consumers. Some insulated coffee mugs are as simple as a basic ceramic mug with lid. But these are heavier, more breakable, and do not retain heat as efficiently as other models. The original thermos style is still popular. Stainless steel mugs come in all shapes and sizes, some ready for the cup holder and to hold a larger amount of coffee. Camping and outdoor mugs tend to be stronger.

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Certain type of insulated coffee mugs was born of necessity. For example, avid backpacker Mark Porter was in a state of extreme caffeine withdrawal when he broke his French Press while in northern Montana wilderness. On his return to civilization, he decided to create a series of indestructible French Press machines and mugs that could travel over mountains and backpacks.

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