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October 7, 2020 Fencing Ideas

Stylish Modern Home with Lattice Fence

Lattice fence – This secret is perfect for those who want a stylish modern, Mediterranean risky and also wish to slightly lower the budget. For those that the place is important and with a more than relevant climate who would think that open walls were so important not? Everything is in choosing the right wall, the right way to expose it in our house, the potentials we want to get out of this tool and of course: choose the perfect place where you can show these beautiful lattices!

Lattice Fence Shapes

Lattice Fence Shapes

What are we talking about? What is that miraculous tool? Of the coyotes! A concept that many will not know, but it is a very old resource that architects and designers have been able to make the most of, and which is now in last use to make our house much more efficient. A lattice fence, or zeal as many call it, is nothing more than a wall or structure that through blocks with openings or interlocking slats generate a lot of positive effects on our house.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Stylish Modern Home with Lattice Fence

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In the market there are blocks with design in their openings that are used like lattice fence.  It is as if we changed the traditional cement brick or clay to one that is open. It is quite economical and gives it a truly interesting texture.

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