The Best Flowers in The Window

Jun 19th

Flowers brighten a window, whether they are outside in a window box or inside on a window sill. The amount of sunlight reaching the window, often determined by the direction the window faces, will have a large bearing on what type of the best flowers in the window. Houseplants should be moved away from windows that become cold during winter months.

List of The Best Flowers in The Window

African Violets – African violets are one of excellent flowers in the window. They are widely cultivated and available in different colors. These violets are small plants that do well in snug pots, suitable for a window sill. African violets can be propagated easily by cutting a leaf with the stem from an existing plant, putting it in potting soil and pressing the soil firmly around it. Place African violets close to windows that face south-east or west. Plants that do not flower may require more light. Flowers should be produced year round and last up to six weeks. Avoid over-watering and do not pour water over the leaves, as the leaves will get water spot marks.

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Peace Lillies – Popular for its glossy green foliage, the peace lily also produces white flowers on tall green stems. There are several varieties available in different heights; some are as small as 12 inches, such as ‘Wallisii’ while others grow six feet tall like ‘Sensation’. Peace lilies get sunburned in direct sunlight; the leaves will show brown streaks when this occurs. Place peace lilies where they will receive filtered sunlight in a window shaded by a tree or a lace curtain. This plant spreads underground and will require splitting and re-potting from time to time. The broad, spear-shaped leaves will also require dusting from time to time.

Geraniums – Geraniums can be moved indoors or outdoors as the seasons change. They require bright light for flowering, so place them in a south- or west-facing window for the best results indoors. When placing geraniums outdoors in hanging baskets or window boxes, make sure they get four hours of direct sunlight, but shade them in the afternoon during the hottest months. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Geraniums can be grown easily from cuttings. Cut a portion of a branch with leaves, place it in potting soil and press the soil firmly. Geraniums are reputed to keep flies and insects away, which explains why they are commonly used in window boxes and in hanging baskets on porches.

Petunias – Petunias provide a cascade of color for window boxes and hanging baskets. They have a long flowering season for their attractive, bell-shaped flowers. Petunias come in many colors and are easy to coordinate with the color of the house or window frames. They need full sun to encourage flowering, so avoid placing them in window boxes that are shaded for large portions of the day. Petunias can be grown from purchased seed. Seeds collected from a plant may not produce the same color or color patterns as the parent.

Window boxes add color to your house, and allow you to grow a variety of flowers when you don’t have space for a flower bed. Choose flowers that fit the sunlight requirements, whether the box is in full sun, full shade, or in between. Flowers in the window boxes need more water and fertilizer due to the limited space.

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