The Best Materials for Deer Fencing

Oct 16th
Easy Deer Fencing
Easy Deer Fencing

Deer Fencing – The best way to build up an effective deer fencing and follow the code is to plant shrubs that will grow with horizontally and vertically on each side of the fence wall. It is important to plant only shrubs that are resistant to deer. Or such measures will be in vain. Examples of deer resistant shrubs include Butterfly Bush, Button, dogwood, elderberry, forsythia, and Coral Berry. Typically, deer do not like to consume plants that are prickly. Also have thick leaves, has a medical use, or have a mint or lemon scent.

Contact a local nursery to see which shrubs will grow well in a given area. One of the newest forms of deer fencing is made of plastic mesh that is about 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall. It is designed to protect forest areas of a gardener landscaping from hungry deer and comes in rolls. Since it is black in color, and it is wrapped around the trees, the light slips into landscaping and will not be an eye sore.

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Another form of mesh deer fencing is mesh netting. It is used to create a barrier to keep out deer. The barrier is usually clear – again, to keep landscaping aesthetically pleasing. Check codes and regulations in each neighborhood to see if either plastic mesh or transparent netting is permitted.

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