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Tiling Design for Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas

A Mediterranean kitchen theme is exotic and colorful, so tile must reflect the dramatic nature of the room. Mediterranean kitchen tiling can be used on the floors, as a backsplash or as trim in the kitchen design. Global theme of Mediterranean kitchen ideas incorporates color, texture and pattern into an interior design, providing an aesthetic addition to the room.

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Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas: Tiling Design          

Mix Various Sizes of Tile – You can add dimension to a Mediterranean-themed kitchen by using different sizes of tile in the flooring or as a backsplash. Since most tiles have a square shape, you can mix and match smaller tiles with larger tiles to create a complex design. The various sizes can be mixed haphazardly, or they can be organized in rows according to size. For example, you could have a row of 4-by-4-inch tiles with a row of 1-by-1-inch tiles above or below that row. Generally, flooring looks better with 4-by-4-inch tiles mixed with larger 12-by-12-inch tiles. Small tiles can be too busy in a floor design. Mixing and matching different-sized tiles can bring an exotic appeal to your Mediterranean kitchen.

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Choose Vivid Tile Colors – One of the most eye-appealing tiling designs for Mediterranean kitchen ideas is to use brightly colored solid or patterned tiles to create flooring, a backsplash or a wall of tile. These decorative tiles can be a solid uniform color like red, royal blue, aqua, turquoise or yellow, or you could use a mixture of colored or patterned tiles to create a mosaic. If you are mixing and matching a large number of colored tiles, it is best to use the smaller 1-by-1-inch or 4-by-4-inch squares. If you are going for a monochromatic look, then stick with the same patterned or solid-colored tile throughout.

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Contrast Floor and Wall Tile – A Mediterranean kitchen can incorporate two different tile textures into the living space. For example, the floor could be designed with large 12-by-12-inch sandstone tiles, but the backsplash behind the stove and sink could have small 1-by-1-inch ceramic or porcelain tiles. Variations of slate, stone and glass tile could also be used to bring texture into the Mediterranean kitchen design. As a general guideline, don’t use more than two different textures of tile in a kitchen.

There are certain features in Mediterranean design that can really influence your look. Mosaic designs added to a tiled wall or table-top can really cause your kitchen to go the decorating distance.

Mediterranean kitchen ideas have a rustic simplicity that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere where family and friends can gather for good food and conversation. Kitchens decorated in this style incorporate elements from outside of the home into the room with wide-open windows and doors leading to courtyards and gardens.

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