Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Planning and Decorating

Jun 14th
Tiny Bedroom Ideas 2017

Small bathrooms, whether squeezed into a loft, en suite or what was once a tiny bedroom, need all the help they can get to work well and look good. Follow these tips and advice for tiny bathroom ideas to make the most of yours.

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: A Good Plan

Lighting is a Priority – A small bathroom cries out for good lighting, so you need to get it any way you can. Put a big skylight in a loft bathroom, but if small windows are the only option, undress them completely and replace the glass with frosted panes (or window film) or fit white roller blinds for privacy. Take out the central light fitting too and go for halogen spots that mimic natural daylight.

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Pick a Show-Off – One focal piece, whether it’s a slightly impractical, but good looking enormous sink, a sexy showerhead or even just a fabulous mirror, will give the room instant character and turn it from a practical, apologetic cell into a room you’ll want to be in.

Built In Storage – Bespoke or built-in furniture is often more expensive than unfitted, but it’s the best way to maximize space. Fit deep, easily accessible drawers to hide away space-sucking clutter.

Clever Surfaces – Use every trick to make a low-ceilinged room look taller. A white ceiling and good lighting will help, as will low-slung fittings. As for the surface, pick large, light-colored wall tiles to enhance the space, or go for something more unusual, such as a wood veneer paneling. The vertical stripes pictured are a great way to create the impression of height.

Squeeze-Free Taps – When you’re climbing into a small tub, the taps need to be negotiated carefully. The best place to fit them is centrally on the wall above the bath, so you can get in easily and relax in comfort at either end without obstruction.

Bijoux Baths – If you can squeeze a bath and a shower into the room, then do – it will all help when you come to sell in the future. However, you will need to source a smaller bath. Try better bathrooms and ideal standard for baths from 143cm upwards.

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: An Inexpensive Decoration

Paint – Paint is the most inexpensive decorating tool available for any room, and it will probably take only 1 gallon of paint to cover a very small bathroom. Use pale colors to make the room seem larger. Try painting the upper two-thirds of the wall a very light shade of any color (light blue is popular and relaxing when used in bathrooms), and the bottom third of the wall a slightly darker shade of the same color. Then, attach a chair rail or a piece of crown molding to the line where the two paint colors meet. This will add a lot of interest to the bathroom but will not take up space. You can buy crown molding inexpensively, and most home improvement centers will cut it to the correct length for you for free. Attach with nails or a construction adhesive.

Mirrors – Mirrors are a great way to make a room seem larger, and they also add a lot of light to a room. They can be purchased inexpensively at most large chain discount stores. Instead of using one mirror over the vanity, try hanging two smaller oval mirrors instead. Alternately, hang one large mirror that will run the entire length of the wall. If you have the space, hang another mirror on another section of the wall as well, to create the illusion of a window.

Shelves – Most very small bathrooms do not have much space for shelves, save the area above the toilet. Put this space to good use by installing two or three floating shelves. This will draw the eye upward and make the most of the limited space you have in the room. Try placing a green silk plant on the highest shelf, some rolled guest towels on the middle shelf, and an incense diffuser on the bottom shelf. All of these things can be purchased inexpensively and will make a great difference in how your bathroom looks (and smells).

Tiny bathrooms can be a challenge to decorate. Too small for any furniture and too tiny to hold any interesting patterns or bright colors, they can appear hopeless and all too often are left undecorated. Luckily, there are some things you can do to spruce up your tiny bathroom ideas that won’t cost a fortune and will give it interest and style at the same time.

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