Tips and Quick Steps to Organize Small Kitchen

Jun 17th
Tips for Organizing Small Kitchen
Tips for Organizing Small Kitchen

Having a small kitchen can be a nightmare if we cannot set it up properly. Limited counter and storage space can cause many problems while cooking and preparing food. Tight spaces can also create difficulties when we need it. If your kitchen is well organized, you will not encounter these problems. Do not need a lot of time, money and effort to organize small kitchen; you just have to use what you have on hand.

Organize Small Kitchen Tips

Below are the main tips of organizing small kitchen. By doing these following things, hopefully you can get a tidy small kitchen.

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Providing Hanging Storage – When setting up a small kitchen, the best thing you can do is to use the walls and ceiling of the room. The walls and ceiling can be a storage place for all kinds of kitchen items so that you can free up space on your desk and in your closet. For example, use a hanging pot rack to both store and display pots and pans. Type of pot rack suspended from the ceiling and is usually able to accommodate all the pots and pans. In addition, they can also keep your stuff together in one place to keep things organized. Objects hanging from the ceiling add a lot of storage space and also eliminate the problem of stacking and unstacking pots and pans every time you will use it. You can buy a hanging pot rack at most home improvement stores.

Eliminate the Existing Chaos- Select items in your kitchen and get rid of things that are not necessary, it is the most important thing to organize small kitchen. You will get extra storage space if you are successful in reducing objects that are rarely or never used. You should also be able to create a storage system logical and orderly. For example, you can store your dishes, glasses and cutlery you to nearby places as you normally use it at the same time. Similarly, for the equipment you use while cooking and for potholders, place them near the stove and oven, so you do not need a long time to find these items when going to use them. Organizing your items effectively will make your cooking and eating moments easier and make the most of your small kitchen.

Trim Cabinet and Drawers – Each person must have at least one closet or drawer as a storage area for various items. Items are usually either thrown or stacked on top of each other take up much space. To overcome this, you need a drawer divider and drawer organizers to keep your drawers more presentable. For example, buy a divider to help you organize your bags, aluminum foil, and spices, or install a shelf divider on the inside of your closet door. You can also add extra space because the organizers can create a two-tier storage. By using cabinet organizers you can eliminate the mounds of plastic storage containers and bowls that are mixed together. You can turn your kitchen into a small cluttered room and well organized by using a little clever effort.

Quick Steps to Organize Small Kitchen

Besides the main tips for organizing your small kitchen, we also present the quick steps to make your small kitchen tidy only in few minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Use drawer organizers to store more
  • The smart way to organize your cabinet space is limited, use a can organizer.
  • Put the items you use often in glass jars and then place it on your counter for quick and easy access.
  • Use space-saving containers
  • Try under-shelf baskets: double your shelf and you can store twice as much in your closet with under-shelf baskets.
  • Turn your bookshelf into a pantry
  • Hang a shelf above your desk to keep stuff in the morning with a coffee station neater.

Organize small kitchen is not as complicated as you might think. You just need to be more creative and innovative in creating additional storage spaces. If you managed to do it, you will be amazed at how sweet and neat your narrow kitchen. Good luck.

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