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July 26, 2020 Pillow Ideas

Varied, Striking, and Hilarious Pillow Boxes

Today we bring some ideas for pillow boxes. You only need a printer, scissors, glue and five minutes to make these pillow cases. Stuffed with a couple of chocolates or sweets will be a nice detail with which to show your affection to the people around you or thank your guests for their presence at your party.

Craft Pillow Boxes

Craft Pillow Boxes

The bags or pillow cases are ideal for wrapping gifts, we call them that way because their final shape resembles that of a pillow; we can add a tape in the form of a handle to give them a double function, that of a gift pillow boxes and that of a bag which is very easy to take anywhere.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Varied, Striking, and Hilarious Pillow Boxes

Image of: White Pillow Boxes
Image of: Soft Pillow Boxes
Image of: Small Pillow Boxes
Image of: Printable Pillow Boxes
Image of: Pillow Boxes
Image of: Pillow Boxes Size
Image of: Pillow Boxes Models
Image of: Pillow Boxes Kids
Image of: Pillow Boxes Doormat
Image of: Pillow Boxes Colors
Image of: Kraft Pillow Boxes
Image of: Craft Pillow Boxes

Our pillowcases are made with caplet paper of 180 grams; this gives them a better consistency which is indispensable to be able to give them their characteristic pillow shape during the finishing process. They are having 5 different sizes of pillow-shaped boxes, but these sizes are enough to cover any need you have, since they are the most used in the industry. Pillow boxes have different models of pillow cases, you can order printed according to the needs and specific requirements of your company and its products.

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