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October 2, 2020 Outdoor and Garden

Whimsical Garden Ideas Create Uniqueness to Your Home

Infuse your garden with color and lightheartedness, courtesy of this collection of whimsical landscaping design ideas. These whimsical garden ideas will inspire your imagination.

Whimsical Backyard Garden Ideas

Whimsical Garden Ideas: The Gallery

Repurposed items such as bathtubs, toilets, and cinder blocks are great for container gardens. They’re also unexpectedly striking garden accents that are sure to draw smiles. Use them for growing vegetables, edible flowers, and culinary herbs to add to your harvest. More Ideas: Fill up bicycle baskets, toolboxes, jugs, galvanized containers, buckets, ceramic bowls, old pots, and enamel tubs.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Whimsical Garden Ideas Create Uniqueness to Your Home

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Ordinary grapevine wreath can give an interesting organic twist to a variety of garden elements, including a birdbath. Here, grapevine is twisted around a shallow ceramic bowl. Loops of copper wire suspend the birdbath from a branch. Twigs tucked in here and there add to the natural look.

Design Tip: Position your birdbath so you can enjoy it both indoors and out. The view of birds splashing in the water can warm even a winter day. Other people’s trash can become your unique and whimsical landscaping design idea. This homeowner found inspiration in old water-spigot handles and brass garden nozzles; she used them to decorate a piece of barn board on a potting shed for sculpture that dresses up the wooden building.

More Ideas: Arrange a group of glass bottles to catch light, hang garden hand tools to focus on their shapes, arrange broken ceramic pieces in a mosaic, or hang nuts and bolts as a mobile.

Before you trash those old garden gloves, consider them a display-worthy badge of honor. This wooden fence got a fabric-focused accent with the display of a variety of worn-out gloves.

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Design Tip: Arrange colors and patterns to create smooth movement through a linear display. A fence naturally leads the eye in one direction. Display your gloves or other fence accents so the eye follows the linear flow.

Flotsam and jetsam, wreckage or things cast aside, become a stationary metal tree when grouped together on a tall pole with varied arms. Use different types of materials, chipped porcelain, old wicker, rusted metal, for surprising depth in the back of a flowerbed.

Design Tip: Top your display with a shapely focal point. Just as on a Christmas tree, a starring object at the top leads the upward and allows a visual respite.

Part of getting motivated to incorporate your own whimsical landscaping design ideas is figuring out how to use items as vignettes to draw the eye or create a focal point. Repetition of similar pieces is one visual trick; here, a grouping of old watering cans, tilted in the same direction, adds a fun, festive face to a shed wall.

Design Tip: Create motion in your display by giving things a tilt. These watering cans look ready to douse the nearest bloom and, as a result, imply a sense of motion.

Architectural castoffs can provide inspiration for whimsical landscaping design ideas. To integrate such objects into a garden, plant flowers or foliage-focused plants that will trail onto or grow up and over the pieces, as done with these two stone heads. Besides statues, consider stone or concrete architectural pieces such as pedestals, cornices, corbels, and other decorative fragments.

Planting Tip: Rock-garden plants and creeping groundcovers can settle nicely in crevices next to salvaged stone statues or decorative fragments. To maximize whimsical impact, think about how you can replace the ordinary and every day with something unique. For example, mulch doesn’t always have to be chopped-up wood — especially in small spaces. Here, a “mulch” of blue glazed ceramic balls brightens up the base of a Japanese maple.

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Design Tip: Be bold. Half the fun of a whimsical focal point is the surprise. Pick a contrasting or complementary color and concentrate it in one locale. The results will be impressive. Whimsical garden ideas shouldn’t be relegated to the hippies and odd-balls. It’s a style of garden that most of us can enjoy and it’s only limited by your imagination and the amount of room you have.

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