Young Room Furniture Ideas

Nov 1st
Young Bedroom Furniture Sets
Young Bedroom Furniture Sets

Any new furniture you purchase for your teen’s bedroom will likely go with him when he moves out, or you will repurpose it as guest furniture. Purchase quality furniture that will last. Choose furniture that functions in your teen’s bedroom but will also work elsewhere. Provide a space for your teen to sleep, dress, study and relax with or without his friends.    In order not to make mistakes in purchasing furniture for your teenagers, below we present you a list of young room furniture ideas.

A List of Young Room Furniture Ideas

Bed – Full- or queen-sized beds are ideal for a teen, as her body is likely larger and longer than it was before. Choose a platform bed if she prefers simple, low-profile furniture. Some platform beds have a base with built-in drawers or large bookcase headboards with storage and display space. Daybeds or futons can provide seating during the day and a sleep area at night. Platform beds allow the teen to sleep on the top bunk and use the space under her bed for a study, clothing or seating area.

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Clothing Storage – Include extra clothing storage if your teen’s closet isn’t large enough to corral all of his clothes in an orderly way. Line the floor of his closet with short two- or three-drawer chests, or use a media chest in his bedroom that includes at least three drawers and a place for his TV and video games. If he needs more hanging storage, consider an armoire or a cabinet with doors. Update his old furniture by adding a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Media Furniture – Media chests or armoires provide an ideal place to put her TV and give her a couple of extra drawers for clothes or storage. A simple corner TV stand might work best in a small bedroom. Another option is to utilize a wall to hang a flat-screen TV or hang a TV shelf on a wall.

Study or Work Furniture – Supply your teen with space to study, read, write, do homework, build models, crafts or any other projects he enjoys. A compact student computer desk is ideal in a small room if he only uses the desk for a computer or homework. Consider a computer cabinet with drawers and shelves lined with baskets or bins to help keep his supplies organized. A larger desk with built-in shelves or a hutch work for a teen who does a lot of studying, crafting or writing.

Storage – Include storage with every piece of furniture possible to give your teen plenty of places to store her things. If you help her organize her things in a logical manner, she’ll be more likely to keep her things organized as time goes on. For example, use baskets, bins, plastic containers or decorative boxes that complement her theme or color scheme. Keep her pens, pencils, papers and books near her desk or study area. Store her games, DVDs or music accessories near her TV, computer or wherever she uses the items. Give her a place to put her dirty clothes near the area she’ll get dressed in every day. Use drawer organizers to help her keep her folded clothes organized.

Seating – Seating for your teen and his friends will likely be the success of the room. Choose a method of seating that fits the space, style and decor. Inflatable chairs provide funky seating, while being compact because the furniture can simple be deflated when it’s not in use. Beanbags or floor pillows are easy to stack under the bed or in the closet when not in use. A futon can double as a guest bed during sleepovers. A pair of armchairs can bring a mature, grown-up feeling to the room if there’s space.

Parents can outfit their young children’s bedroom with basic furniture pieces that can last until their child leaves home. Enlist the help of your child for young room furniture ideas that will make his bedroom a perfect oasis just for him.

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